Darts Tournaments


Skydive Lounge Darts Tournament

Skydive Lounge Darts Tournament

The Skydive Lounge has regular dart tournaments every Monday and Wednesday night at 7:30pm PST. We play in teams of 2 and do a round rally of 501 and Cricket, the tournament usually runs for about 3 hours and is a great time with even greater people. 

This tournament is a 15 week long tournament and gives all the players an opportunity to go to Vegas or Laughlin at the end of the year to play darts in a regional competition. There are also cash prizes for specific player goals such as team wins or individual play.

This tournament uses a handicapped system as well as a freeze rule. The handicap system is based on your previous performances and will raise or lessen your starting 501 number based on your opponent and partner skill levels. The freeze rule is an equalizer for 501, in case someone is trying to sandbag where if a player has more points than the 2 opponents score combined then that other team player can not win or “go out” on the last dart.

Both tournaments are at 7:30pm sharp so that gives more then enough time for people getting of work and travel to the bar lounge.

Fees include (per player):

$5.00 – annual fee (paid once)
$5.00 – per game day sets
$4.00 – for the dart board operations

Also as an added bonus most of the time on dart league nights there is a free meal usually burgers or hot dogs that is free for any bar lounge patron or dart player, just do not forget to tip the chef.